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Re: Introduce yourself to the group.

Postby colinwee » Wed Jun 07, 2023 1:57 am

colinwee wrote:
colinwee wrote:Hello. My name is Colin Wee. I started the martial arts with a mixed Chinese/Korean style in Asia, then moved to the States where I pursued Traditional Taekwondo and Aikido/Aikijujutsu. Altogether I have practiced three styles in the past 25 years and over three continents. In 2003, my passion for the arts waned as I realised many inconsistencies in syllabus and content of my style. I set myself on a path to understand what it was I was doing, and due to several influences (including input from Dr Clayton and his superb book) I have come to gain some insight and clarity, a good part of which coincides with separate findings by Dr Clayton and other sensei and sabumnin across the world. Currently the system I teach focuses on skill-based learning off a syllabus entirely based on the pattern set of Traditional Taekwondo. My classes are non-commercial, small and adult oriented. In a previous life I was a national representative and assistant national coach in Archery. I am based in Perth Western Australia. I hold a rank of 5th dan. There still remains lots to work on. Colin

ps. Good seeing you back online, Dr Clayton.

I learned of Shotokan's Secret in 2003.

I then met Dr Clayton in 2006, if I recall correctly.

I have just published a book Breaking Through: The Secrets of Bassai Dai Kata in 2023.

I can't believe I've been obsession about this for that long! LOL.

Maybe I should have edited this before I submitted it! LOL.
Colin Wee is the Principal of Joong Do Kwan in Western Australia, and a Board Member of AMAHOF Inc. Colin has recently published Breaking Through: The Secrets of Bassai Dai Kata. He has practiced three systems in three countries for four decades.
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