A note on Dennis Palumbo

Shotokan's Secret presents a complete theory of the heian katas. There are the forums where the research was conducted.
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A note on Dennis Palumbo

Postby HanshiClayton » Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:39 am

Dennis Palumbo is a Kaiden Shihan of Hakkoryu Jujutsu, based in Denver, CO.

Hanshi Palumbo has published three books with Paladin Press:

Secrets Of Hakkoryu Jujutsu: Shodan Tactics

Secret Nidan Techniques Of Hakkoryu Jujutsu

Techniques of Sandan GI: The Essence of Hakkoryu Jujutsu

Hanshi Palumbo blessed my research by giving me a copy of his home-video recordings of advanced students demonstrating every technique of the Shodan, Nidan and Sandan levels. These videos are not available to outsiders, but have been enormously helpful to me. I am extremely grateful to Master Palumbo for extending me this privilege.

In Hanshi Palumbo's jujutsu studio there was a sign on the wall. "If you leave the room without having an injury, one will be provided."
Bruce D. Clayton, Ph.D.
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